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I want to let you know why I asked to be here. It I because of the rehab team. They are knowledgeable and have strong interpersonal skills. I was here once before and a few other facilities and came back for this team. They have helped me become stronger and more confident in my physical abilities. They are wonderful! I would like to give special thanks to Marilyn who is warm, skilled, and exceptional. I also want to express. My gratitude form my daytime CNA, Urenna. She had strong interpersonal skills, thoughtful, and warm. She also is one of the few staff who understand how to work with my troubled and difficult roommate. I also want to express my gratitude to Chichi. She has exceptional patience and persistence. All in all, I have had a good experience once again. Thank you.

Lucette D.

5-star, Google Review

I had to have my husband go here from the hospital for some physical rehabilitation. He was in Excell for 20 days, and I have nothing but high praise for the facility and all the staff. I was given a list of places near my home and made a pre visit to all of them. Excell Health Care Center far exceeded them all. The staff was very helpful and informative, from the top administrator, down the list of all office people working there. They made the choice an easy one.
During his stay, the whole staff was very accommodating, friendly and knowledgable. They treated my husband with the greatest of care and friendliness.  The front desk nurses were exceptionally friendly and helpful. My thanks, to the therapist Lou, and Samantha for their patience and encouragement. Finally, my great appreciation goes to nurses Jinny and Phyllis, for their personal touches to his care.
I highly recommend Excell Heath Care facility to any who want their loved one to be cared for in an exceptional way.

Travis L.

Yelp Review

This facility is clean and comfortable.  The staff is efficient and caring.  The most impressive was the assistance from Melissa, the Admissions Coordinator.  She is not only caring and patient, she is also knowledgeable about the inner workings of Medicare and MediCal. She helped us iron some MediCal issues and saved us a significant amount of money.   She is definitely an asset to Excell and a great help to the patients.  Thank you Excell and thank you Melissa.

Michael H.

Yelp Review

I was privileged to have Christie and Mishelle as my therapists. Their compassion along with their professional, personable, and daily encouragement was the very thing I needed to continue on the road to recovery. I highly recommend Excell Home Care due to their quality selection of caring and kind therapist the on their staff. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Linda L.

Google Review

Im in Ahhhh <3 with Excell how they handle what’s coming. Very Proactive Christene & Juliet ARE A GREAT TEAM <3 They
LOVE what they Do Quick to ACT they treat my Mom not like another file on there desk but with Love its my Mom and to me Is Everything I tell them All the time how it shows how they love there work with just not words but with actions Love those girls <$ they keep me updated they pick up the phone or if in a meeting they actually call back <333333 they remind me of visits and update me Always <3333 My Mom has been
in need of medical attention Excell has been there no matter what time they deliver the staff works together & they get right on it don’t matter what time I call its been usually in the middle of the night the nurse will come to my moms place and take care of the issue that means everything in such difficult times they take the stress away Christine & Juliet are also great advocates for the patients they CARE <3 The after hour staff is Fab Yvette all the girls <3 Great & Very Attentive they pick up and get right to business <3 Leticia she does the bathing she loves what she does and her work shows it I cant say enough with out getting emotional they even check up on family they should get more pay for listening to us and Caring the staff The staff at EXCELL shows you that they care its family with them not business EXCELL HOME HEALTH CARES <3 Thank YOU For All You DO EVERY SINGLE DAY <3

Giselle D.

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I visit this facility every day and have been doing so since 2014. I am very pleased with the services provided. Anytime I have a concern which have been few; they are addressed immediately. I don’t have to worry about my family members (and I have two at this facility)and I feel assured that they are being well taken care of. The staff is always pleasant and willing to assist if I need anything. They have made me feel at home also since I am there everyday.  I’m of the mindset that since these are my family members, it’s also my responsibility to be present and help as much as I can rather than expect the workers and staff to provide all of their emotional and physical needs. I find the facility to be very clean and they are always making upgrades; painting, repairing, cleaning, etc., to make things comfortable for the residents.  Thank you Excell.

Delores M.

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